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World Championship of Performing Arts multi-Medalists Indigenous Music Award Winners-Best Blues CD 2014


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Motivational Workshops/Presentations

Workshops are flexible in time & topics...These can be adapted to fit your needs! Please inquire if you have a special request for time adjustment and topics. Please read below for more of a description.

Description: Young Medicine’s story and the journey through life with music, dance and s how it changed/saved his lives. They share experiences of living in today’s society as a First Nations, being an artist and finding spirit through song.


Description: Young Medicine are advocates in spreading the word to help stop violence. Both have rich experiences and stories to share. Experiences range from violence, gang violence, family violence, and gender violence and bullying. This session helps spread the word to stop violence

Topic: Follow Your Dreams

Description: Young Medicine share their successes and challenges throughout their lives and their experiences of growing up on the reserve and in the city in following their dreams. This session is about following your dreams, being proud of who you are and never giving up.

Topic:  Living in Harmony

Description: Young Medicine share their experiences with bullying, racism, and stereotyping. They will share how it affected them, what they learnt and positive strategies of living in harmony with each other. This session explores ways of overcoming discrimination, and helping our youth see that we need to live together and work together to be a flourishing community.

Topic: Medicine Wheel-Balancing You’re Life

Description: Throughout life we go through many obstacles and teachings that help us to become more resilient and taking a look at how you are balancing life. Young Medicine shares experiences and bring understanding to the importance and benefits of keeping balance.

Topic: Contemporary & Traditional music and Dance

Description: Young Medicine share their inspiring stories of music and dance and how it has assisted them in finding their identity and their strengths to persevere through tough times and overcome obstacles in life. They share the importance of the arts and how it connects to our ancestors teachings.

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