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World Championship of Performing Arts multi-Medalists Indigenous Music Award Winners-Best Blues CD 2014


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Curt Yong A First Nations Artists that perform & promote Traditional and Contemporary forms of music, dance and art while sending a positive message of, “Be your own Person, and Follow your Dreams”. Young Medicine are Multi-award winners and have been awarded Best Blues Album 2014 at the Indigenous Music Awards & World Championship of Performing Arts: Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalists; They have been blessed to share their life experiences, culture and empowerment as performers, keynote and motivation speakers and workshop with many topics such as Bullying, Women’s Rights, Empowerment, Indigenous Rights, Leadership, Role Modeling, Self-esteem, living in two worlds and much more. Curt has been invited to many communities throughout the world such as: Canada, United States, Peru, Africa, China and Thailand. Recently they travelled to New York City to perform and attend the United Nations Commission on Status of Women, to perform their new song, “We Miss You, U live” off their new album written for murdered and missing Indigenous women. The artists Curt Young sing, plays guitar, cedar flute, harmonica, hand drum and rattle. They use contemporary and Traditional stories and inspirational messages throughout the performance.

As experienced performers Young Medicine are known as movers and shakers with their outstanding energy, inspirational and motivational performance sharing their culture, personal experiences and positive messages. Young Medicine has been blessed and honored with hundreds of performances, workshops, showcases, nominations and awards and are very grateful for each experience, as they feel they learn and are blessed from each person and community.

Mission is to promote First Nations arts and inspire new artists that are in the arts, in events they’ve planned, such as Rock’N the Nations©, Community in Unity and Idle No More events/rallies. Curt and Jamie hope to bring “Young Medicine” to the people of all cultures and of all ages to encourage unity, harmony and hope. 


Curt’s Bio

Curt Young is a multi-Award winning, international artist from the George Gordon's First

Nations in Saskatchewan. He is a part of the duo Young Medicine . in 2011 the duo represented Canada at the world championship of performing arts in Los Angeles where they won two gold medals, three silver and one bronze for thier music, dance, and storytelling. He has done over 600 performance world wide which include China, Peru, New York, Hawaii, and many communities & Schools across turtle Island without a manager or Major record label. Working with the youth is very important to him as he grew up with a learning disability and has learnt to use music, culture and dance to help him get through his education.

the message "Be your own person and live a positive way" is a message you will here through his songs and storytelling. He has recently became a grass dancer which has become a part of his performance. Through his positive performance he is able to engage the audience by getting them on stage. In 2016 his new album with Young Medicine 'Meant 2 Be' got nominated for world album of the year at the breakout west award, and People's choice award with Edmonton Music Awards. Recently the song "Take My Hand" hit the #1 spot on the National Aboriginal Top 40 Music Countdown.

 Curt hopes to bring positives vibes to the world through music, dance, stories and being proud of who he is and we're he comes from

Curt Young has been invited to and has the honor of performing, presenting, speaking, sharing, listening and learning in many more communities around the globe, we look forward to what is yet to come… a more detailed list available upon request.

2015 World Council-Bangkok, Thailand

2015 United Nations, New York USA

2015 Poundmaker’s Iskwew Women’s Lodge Fundraiser-Edmonton, AB

2015 Fashions Speaks BC-Kamloops BC

2015 Laura LaForce Connection Show- Calgary & Edmonton, AB

2015 Treaty 7 Housing 30th Anniversary-Calgary, AB

2015 Edmonton Heritage Days

2015 K-Days Edmonton, AB

2015 FOHN Festival-Hinton, AB

2015 Sisters in Spirit-Lethbridge, AB

2015 Music is Love Valentine’s Bash-Edmonton, AB

2014 Ohski Awards performance-Winnipeg, MB

2014 Won “Best Blues Album” for Be Your Own Person CD at Indigenous Music Awards-Winnipeg, MB

2014 Tribal Chief Education Fund-Hero’s Day-(serving 5 communities)-Bonneyville, AB

2014 Community Futures Treaty 7 Disability Conference-Calgary, AB

2014 World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education-workshops & performances-Oahu, Hawaii USA

2014 Cold Lake School Tour-5 schools

2014 Ethnic Association International Dinner & Dance-Lethbridge, AB

2014 Red Cliff Aboriginal Days, Red Cliff, AB

2014 The Touchwood Youth Agency Conference-Regina, SK

2014 Saipoyi Elementary Circle of Courage empowerment day—Standoff, AB

2014 Planned & Hosted--Rock’N the Nations 7 @ The Smokehouse-Lethbridge, AB

2014 Wellness Conference-LaRonge, SK

2013 Hosted/planned event--Niitsitapi Creations-Lethbridge, AB

2013 World Youth Day-ONE Rock 2013-Okotoks, AB

2013 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards Spence Block Party-Winnipeg, MB

2013 Treaty 7 Economic Development Entrepreneur workshop-T’suu Tina, AB

2013 Word on the Street Festival- Lethbridge, AB

2013 High Prairie Friendship Society-1st Annual Music & Arts Festival-High Prairie, AB

2013 Sisters in Spirit-Lethbridge, AB

2013 Lethbridge College Aboriginal Awareness Week

2013 FNMI Education Council: Soaring with Knowledge Conference-Edmonton, AB

2013 Treaty 7 Education Conference-Calgary, AB

2013 Kainai Board of Education Pow-wow-Kainai, AB

2013 Youngstown School Tour-3 Schools-Edmonton, AB

2012 Trade Team Bank International Travel Conference:-Memphis, TN USA

2012 South West Alberta Teachers Convention Association-Lethbridge,AB

2012 Calgary Stampede-10 days performance @ Rodeo-Calgary,AB

2011 World Championship of Performing Arts: Won Gold, Silver, Bronze medals (7 in total) Los Angeles, CA USA

2011 World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education-Cuzco, Peru

2011 Lifelong learning conference-Siksika Nation, AB

Young Medicine Music


Curt has been highlighted and featured on CBC Radio, NativeWave Radio, MBC Radio, CFWE Radio, City TV Calgary, NCI Radio, Global TV, APTN, Huffington post, Indian Country Today Media Network and more…

More  information upon request



Curt Young

Phone: 403-771-7000 



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